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Publication: Tribune; Date: 03/17/2004

Alliance formed to lure businesses
Nonprofit group promotes area near Falcon Field

by Ed Taylor

A major developer near Mesa?s Falcon Field Municipal Airport has formed a nonprofit organization to attract more industry and businesses to the region.

Daedalus Real Estate Advisors LLC, developer of the Longbow Business Park and Golf Club and Dover Industrial Park, is the founding sponsor of the Falcon Field Area Alliance, which will promote the airport environs as a good place for businesses to relocate.

"The Falcon Field area has long been an employment center for north Mesa, but with the extension of the Loop 202, incredible opportunities have surfaced," said Lois Yates, a former staff member with the Arizona Department of Commerce who has been hired as a fulltime executive director of the alliance.

Although Daedalus is the only partner in the alliance today, Yates is confident she will find other businesses that will want to join.

"I am talking to 12 people now, and I?m hoping to close on them shortly," she said. "And I have at least 10 more appointments. These are people who have called me because they are interested."

Yates plans to use relationships she has formed during her career in economic development to entice companies to relocate to the airport. In addition to working for the state Commerce Department, the state?s top economic development agency.

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