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Proceeds From The National Day Of Golf For The Gulf To Aid Hurricane Disaster Relief Efforts

MESA, Ariz. - Golfers, golf courses and sponsors nationwide join together during the "National Day of Golf for the Gulf" on September 30, 2005 to aid Gulf Coast hurricane disaster relief efforts. The event was designed by the owner of Longbow Golf Club in Mesa to leverage the game of golf to the benefit of those left in the wake of gulf hurricanes. Participating courses are asked to donate a portion, or all of their green fee revenues for the day to charities aiding victims. The funds raised during the National Day of Golf for the Gulf will reach the storm survivors and first responders via the Salvation Army. Individual courses participating also have the option of donating to the charitable organization of their choice.

"This natural disaster has compelled our population to assist our fellow citizens, many of whom suffer from poverty conditions, loss of family and their life's keepsakes," says Robert McNichols, owner of Longbow Golf Club. "This event allows golfers to enjoy a late season round of golf on the nation's courses while helping others in their time of need." The charitable potential is impressive. McNichols added "Longbow expects to contribute upwards of $5,000 to the Salvation Army's efforts as a result of the Golf for the Gulf event. We're working to enlist the participation of golf courses throughout the nation in this effort."

Organizations such as the National Golf Foundation (NGF), USGA and PGA have all been contacted and encouraged to endorse this event. "More than 15,000 golf courses are operational nationwide. A tremendous opportunity exists to raise significant funds for hurricane victims," states Phil Green, president of OB Sports Golf Management, an international golf management company. "If just 1,000 courses participated and each donated $1,000, we'd be able to raise $1 million for this worthy cause."

To participate as a golfer in the National Day of Golf for the Gulf, visit www.GolfForTheGulf.com to find a participating course in your area.

Golf Courses Choosing to Participate in the National Day of Golf for the Gulf:

  • Golf Courses - may donate all, or a portion/percentage of green fee proceeds earned on September 30.
  • ALL courses are encouraged to participate, whether they are municipal courses, daily-fee, resort of private clubs.
  • Course participants are encouraged to solicit matching funds sponsors or a pledge of a specific amount to be contributed with course contribution. In addition, special promotions such as selling Hurricane Mulligans or encouraging golfers to donate a cash amount equal to their score, are recommended.
  • Simple registration steps can be completed at www.GolfForTheGulf.com.
  • Once registered, marketing materials will be sent for customization on a local level.

Sponsors of the National Day of Golf for the Gulf:

  • Those interested in sponsoring can register a pledge at www.GolfForTheGulf.com or partner with a local golf course.
  • Matching Sponsors - may match some or all funds raised by the event, either on a local or national level or set their own limit and criteria.
  • Endorsing Sponsors - may lend their name as a trade association, professional organization, manufacturer of golf products or service provider to the golf industry.
  • Participating Sponsors - may sponsor a foursome or donate goods and services.

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