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Publication: Golf Arizona Website; Date: March 2011

Enjoy natural golf in the Phoenix/Scottsdale valley, minus the housing

By Scott Bordow, Contributor

Longbow Golf Club

One of the perks of playing Longbow Golf Club, a par-71, 7,003-layout in east Mesa, is the view of the surrounding mountains. Golfers can see Red Mountain, the Superstitions, Usery Mountain and, on the 15th tee, even Camelback Mountain.

Put a few million-dollar homes in the sightlines, and Longbow loses some of its natural beauty.

"Aesthetically it's more attractive this way," said Longbow General Manager Jay Larscheid.

Larscheid also likes the way the course flows naturally without having to be pinched in by neighboring homes. It gives Longbow a more traditional feel, as opposed to courses built to sell real estate.

Finally, there's one advantage all these courses have over those with homes.

"For some players who are limited on ability," Larscheid said, "it gives them more of a comfort level."

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