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Vail Cabaret Nights - Final Week of Performances Begin Tonight

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Vail, Colorado
July 28, 2010

VAIL, CO (July 28, 2010) -While many high school and college students are spending their summers hitting the beach, mountain biking or glued to a television set, a group of determined local singers are sharing their talents with the Valley as performers in Vail Cabaret Nights. This one-of-a-kind entertainment experience comes complete with singing waiters and waitresses. The talented cast of 20 performs the best of Broadway music accompanied by live piano music and the award winning food from the Marketplace.

One of these talented teens is Vail Mountain School junior, Hailey Vest. Vest has been performing with Vail Performing Arts Academy for the last seven years. Prior to that, she performed as “Jo” in Little Women at Vail Mountain School, as well as performing with Children's Theatre School including a role as “Dorothy” in the Wizard of Oz. Vest is a well rounded artist who has taken dance since she was three and studied piano and percussion instruments.

In her first summer with Vail Cabaret Nights, Vest is enjoying this new experience.

“The group is so spontaneous and professional. Everyone has worked so hard to make it look easy. I enjoy the impromptu atmosphere and the confidence which it is giving me,” Vest said. “Having a live audience so close and interacting with the group is a great experience.”

Another newcomer is Angela Downs. Downs is a sophomore at Vail Christian High School whose experience includes vocal lessons, high school musicals and small vocal recitals. After Taylor and Rayla Kundolf, Vail Cabaret Nights music and artistic directors respectively, directed her school play, they convinced her to auction this summer. Downs hopes to learn some valuable lessons in the art of singing through this opportunity.

“I expect to learn all I can about singing and my breathing. Taylor is a great teacher and he is helping me tremendously,” Downs said. “I also hope to learn how to be confident with singing in front of others. I am learning and achieving my goals.”

Summers Baker, is a new cast member as well as a senior at Vail Christian High School. Baker has been playing guitar for 7 years, however this is his first year performing vocally. He performed in his first musical at VCHS in the spring. During those auctions, Baker met Rayla Kundolf who introduced him to the Vail Cabaret Nights family. In his first summer with VCN, he hopes to grow as a performer and acquire new confidence on stage and in the workplace.

Seasoned cast member, Bailey Garton, is a recent Battle Mountain High School graduate.

Garton has performed with Vail Performing Arts Academy and several Battle Mountain High School productions. When asked what her two seasons with Vail Cabaret Nights has done for her aspiring career, Garton said, “ It gives me a whole new type of performing, making my love for all of this much bigger!”

For the Allard family, Vail Cabaret Nights is a family affair with both Remsen and Molly as returning performers. Remsen is entering his senior year at Battle Mountain High School and Molly, a BMHS graduate, is in her junior year at Oklahoma City University for Dance Performance. The Allards have spent most of their lives singing, playing guitar, trumpet, acting, dancing and performing in musicals.

Now in his second season with Vail Cabaret Night, Remsen credits the experience with becoming a better singer, expanding his repertoire and gaining a new comfort as a performer. Look for him to do big things down the road. “My dream job is to be a cinematographer in a big time Hollywood movie,” he said.

Molly, also in her second season, echoed many of her brother’s sentiments. “This has helped me so much in my confidence of singing in front of an audience. I have always been performing on a stage but its different when you are singing in front of people that are just looking at you and that are feet away. It is a great preparation for auditions,” Molly said. “It also allows you to have a wide variety of songs for your repertoire and a great resume.”

Molly also sees her future in the bright lights. “My dream job is to be on the stage, whether that means on Broadway, on tour, on a cruise ship, or in a movie,” she said.

One of the most experienced members and a leader in the Vail Cabaret Nights family is local talent, Meghan Jacobs. Jacobs graduated this year from Vail Christian High School and will be attending the University of Denver in the fall. Meghan has performed all over the Vail Valley since her 6th grade year with Vail Performing Arts Academy, her high school, several years with Vail Cabaret Nights and two benefit concerts with the Cabaret performers at Villar Center.

Jacobs has learned much more than songs in her time withVail Cabaret Nights. “I think after three years I'm getting the hang waiting!,” she said. “But also it has helped me with comfortability with talking to people and eased my performing nerves.” As she continues her education, she hopes to continue to be around what she loves most, music. “I'd be happy doing anything with singing and being around music. I hope to become a vocal therapist or go into music therapy to help people and change lives,” Jacobs said.

Don’t miss your chance to see these local talents as Vail Cabaret Nights enters its final summer week. Performances will be held this week Wednesday thru Sunday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. and continue until August 1st.

Vail Cabaret Nights is lead by Rayla Kundolf and music director, Taylor Kundolf. Rayla is from Santa Fe, where she was one of the founding troubadours at La Casa Sena – one of the places that served as the inspiration for Vail Cabaret Nights. Taylor is an accomplished entertainer and pianist who has performed for audiences all over the world.

Vail Cabaret Nights is proud to have Plum TV 16 as a television media partner this season as well.

Vail Cabaret Nights is free and reservations are accepted by calling 970-477-4373 but are not required. Free parking is located at the Vail Transportation Center. Marketplace on Meadow Drive is located in Vail Village, at the corner of Meadow Drive and Willow Bridge Road, just west of the International Bridge. From the Transportation Center, head west on Meadow Drive. For more information call 970-477-4373 or visit www.marketplaceonmeadowdrive.com.



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