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Vail Village project shielded by printed fence

Publication: VailDaily.Com; Date: 03/18/2005

By Scott N. Miller

VAIL - It's hard to spiff up a hole in the ground, so Bob McNichols did the next-best thing.

McNichols, the developer of the One Willow Bridge Road luxury condominium project in Vail Village, decided to give a little flair to his construction site with a screen printed fence.

A construction fence depicting a village scene wraps around a construction site near the Crossroads in Vail.
Preston Utley/Vail Daily

The fence, printed by greatBIGcolor of Denver, portrays a village scene - but not what the completed building will look like - with a handful of cut-outs for passers-by to watch the work.

Spending the extra money for the fence is part of McNichols' broader plan for One Willow Bridge. "It's part of our effort to show the quality of this," McNichols said.

"We wanted to introduce it here because we're so prominent on the street," McNichols added. "And, of course, we think we have the best-looking building in Vail, and the fence ought to reflect that."

While the screen-printed fence is new to Vail, it's not a new idea.

"They do it all over Europe," McNichols said. "Buildings in some towns are required to do a more intricate look, and some places require fences the full height of the building."

That isn't the requirement in Vail, at least not yet. But McNichols may be on to something.

"He's the first one, and it is a trend we're seeing elsewhere," said Russell Forrest, Vail's community development director. "We're looking at the possibility of requiring something like it."

Which is another reason McNichols is glad his fence came first. "I like to be the innovator," he said. "I don't like to have to be required to do things like this."

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